Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer Tuna

Well our friend Sean just got back from a long day off the coast. 20 tuna in the boat and a long 4 hour tow-in of a distressed vessel they were traveling with. Sounds like things are hopping and the kill bags are supporting the effort well.

Thought I'd throw out a Tex-Mex Alternative to the tuna sandwich:

San Antonio Tuna Time

2 cups albacore tuna
1/2 cup of sliced ripe black olives
1/2 cup of sliced green onions without tops
1/2 cup of thinly sliced celery
2/3 cup of your favorite salsa
1/2 cup of dairy sour cream
1 teaspoon of ground cumin
A handful of lettuce leaves or shredded lettuce
12 taco shells or 3 cups of tortilla chips

Combine tuna, olives, green onions and celery in a medium bowl. Combine salsa, sour cream and cumin; mix well. Pour salsa mixture over tuna mixture; toss lightly. To serve, line taco shells with lettuce leaves; spoon tuna mixture into shells. Another option is to line individual serving plates with shredded lettuce; top with tuna mixture and surround with tortilla chips. Drizzle with additional salsa Sauce; top with additional sour cream, if desired.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I cannot plead the 5th...

Judge Sotomayor's nomination is a complicated debate over many issues, which require decidedly subjective interpretation of her rulings, statements, actions, etc. While many in the sporting community vehemently oppose her as a candidate and despise her ideology, others commit themselves to supporting this candidate based on her history and qualifications. I normally abstain from these appointments as they are rarely based on sound credentials alone, rather politics concerning those who need their agendas reinforced and their cronies 'repaid' for campaign contributions.

The point here is that the 2nd Amendment should be observed and not demoted as an unnecessary feature of an antiquated document, as some might suggest. When our criminals pick up guns and use them for violent crime, often it is this amendment that somehow gets blamed for their access to these weapons. If anyone suggests that criminalizing handguns, etc. will reduce their activity I might point out that the use of marijuana is thriving in the US. The 'War On Drugs' as it was promoted to us by Mrs. Reagan in the 80's has done little if anything to eliminate the use of drugs in this country.

For a good read on this topic:

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A New Day

June 1. Only a few days now until hard core scouting, long weekend trips and lonely wives become the norm. I would think most of us are close to decent shape by now. I know my routine has kicked up 2 notches since I last wrote about it, in fact, I have been training in some fashion at least 5 days a week for the last month. No rest for the wicked. I will be hard at it tomorrow again with a run and balance training.

Change has been coming to 20sub3. We are in a transition phase ushering in some new folks to help develop the brand further and broaden the market scope. We are excited about the opportunities ahead and the growth we are sure to realize. What's first, however, is serving the customer in the best possible way. Looking forward, we hope to enhance the customer experience, further support the professional community, and build the strongest R&D team out there to continue to deliver great products and innovation.

Plenty to do and think about, but most of all, I find the journey has been the greatest learning experience. You learn a lot in a venture like ours - what works, what doesn't, who you can trust, and those you can't. I appreciate the friendships made, the travels, the experiences, but most of all I appreciate my family for understanding that sometimes things don't work out the way you hoped, for their support never wavered. Regardless of where this journey takes us, most of us can know we were in it for the right reasons.

This might all sound like a strange entry, but it marks my departure from what I hoped would be my last venture in the biz world. Things, and people, change, and for whatever their motives or intentions, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly these events can alter your path ahead. Not sure who will take on this responsibility in the future so hang tight and please support 20sub3 wherever you can.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Night to Remember

This week marked 14 years of marriage to my lovely wife. There are a lot of tumultuous happenings right now, but none that can diminish the value I place on our relationship and the things we have shared and endured. Thanks to you sweetie...

Upon our anniversary approaching I searched for a suitable venue to spend an evening somewhere more urban, engaged in an activity we could both really enjoy and share the kid-void for a few hours. The choice was made easy when I saw one of our favorite musicians was in town this week. Quickly, I snapped up 2 seats to the event in an intimate hall in north Portland.

Sara Watkins is a remarkable fiddle player. Accompanied by her brother Shawn on guitar, bassist Sebastian, Benmont on keys, and a couple of young special guest stars Alex & Tatianna, the night was filled with one of the most incredible displays of musicianship I have experienced. I am truly grateful to have shared such a wonderful evening with my wife in such a wonderful environment.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh, Deer...

Three to four times per week I walk my dog Chance around the lake near our house. It's a small lake draped with old growth trees and a beautiful, rugged stream that enters the lake quietly at the north end and roars towards the Columbia at the southern end, driving hard through a shallow canyon and passing numerous falls along the way. The trail along the lake eventually finds itself following the creek, then circles back towards the lake in a wide, 3 mile sweeping bow. The setting for the trails is magnificent. An absolute gem nestled just outside of reach of our small mill town. Lilies are currently blooming a bright blue along the sun soaked slopes, fighting for position against the grasses and the menacing hue of a burgeoning army of poison oak. High above the creek and canyon the trail makes a left turn, avoiding the cascading waterfall and beginning its sweep back toward a service road. The whole loop is probably 3 miles or so, not that long but just enough to entice a lung-busting trail run at sunrise.

I've fished the creek in summer with some success. The browns, bows, and bass all have presence and all make for tricky fishing. The lake offers good fishing and great bank access for families and kids. Lots of fun when I'm not running at pace or throwing a stick for Chance.

Tonight I walked the trail about mid-evening, just prior to dusk and after any threat of a crowd might have subsided, although I think the thunder took care of the faint of heart. After the initial swing around the southwest side of lake, I proceeded along the creek trail for about a half mile, making the previously mentioned left turn up the hill for a rendezvous with a usually vacant service road. As we crested the road, I spied a figure I hadn't seen for some time in the last few months. Positioned about 400 yards ahead, quartering towards me, was a deer. At that distance I could not see it well until it turned and slowly meandered into the thick growth at our left. I crouched and watched the deer, instantly getting my hunter sense (what sense I have is a still in question) activated and my voice lowered to reign in the dog. Holding Chance I just watched for a few minutes as the majestic animal stood unfazed by our presence.

This type of event reminded me of the season ahead. The trail runs need to increase in frequency, as well as the climbs and definitely the stamina. Gotta get my ass in shape if I am to experience any of this when it really counts...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A guy named Joe

About a month ago, I attended a trade show for the promotional products industry. As I walked the shrunken show, I was alerted to a good friend of mine's presence. I walked up, offered a hand shake as is custom, and assimilated into conversation on mundane, unimportant topics such as water bottles and incentive programs. Somewhere along the way, maybe 2-3 minutes into our chat, Joe turned to me in an almost complexion erasing phrase, saying 'I was diagnosed with colon cancer this morning.'

Dammit, the C word. Kinda came from left field and sucker-punched me. Not something I remotely anticipate to hear during these casual encounters. Damn Joe, I'm sorry bro...

Almost 6 weeks later, I visited Joe at his home. His surgery was successful and he looked great, smiling the broad smile and trying hard not to laugh (keeping the staples in!) at the jesting I can't help but engage in. We talked about politics, faith, and what was next. That was the part that inspired me - What was next? He isn't done yet, and it reminded me that neither am I. Keep moving forward and put to bed the ill thoughts that come with a diagnosis ubiquitous with dark clouds and clinical failures. His spirits soaring and his mind and tongue sharp, I looked at Joe with admiration and respect.

It's coming up on hunting season. Time for us to retreat into the woods and desert our cushy life in the metro area. This season, I'll be thankful for my health, and inspired by Joe's courage and resolve, and remember not to take life for granted. It's the old cliche that you don't miss what you have till its gone. Somehow I think you all will understand.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Having an opinion...

An acquaintance recently posted a statement online about the recent 'Tea Party' events being 'idiocy.' I sat long and hard thinking of this statement of opinion. Is he right? Or are the participants in the town square on the right path? What I should realize here is that both have an opinion, and that is what makes our country great. We can voice our pleasure or discontent without fear of recourse (as far as we know) and assemble in public free from fear of being incarcerated. I needed a few hours to settle down and not think of this one person's opinion as being somewhat righteous, but rather a product of who this person is. And that's alright.

Here is something to have an opinion on:

Grey wolves are responsible for 18 dead sheep and more injured in Eastern Oregon.
Grey wolves will be removed from the ESA but not in Oregon.
Ranchers are angry at their loss.
Many people support the wolf population being protected.
Wolves are indigenous to Oregon but extirpated in the last century by human interest.
ODFW is attempting to balance all interests in this debate through ODFW's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan.

Educate yourself to the fullest, then mold your opinion, and don't be so arrogant to believe that maybe, just maybe, your opinion could change.